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This is my homage to all of us crazy, geek, weird, fanatic and obsessed toy collectors around the world.

No matter what kind of toys you collect, we’ll try to offer some insightful articles on what’s hot, what’s not and where all of the other stuff we think you should know about.

If you’re new to toy collecting or just thinking about starting off because you have toy collecting bug that sometimes catches all of us, then be sure to read the rest of the pages across the top.

Why Do People Collect Toys?

What causes a person to collect toys?  Where does the obsession come from?  Is it for love, interest or purely money oriented?

Where to Buy Toys Online

The best places to buy toys and where you can be sure that the premium, authentic toys are sure to be…both online and off.

Toy Buying Guide

How to buy toys:  There’s actually an art for most people.  Some toy collectors have reasons of their own, their own standards and what not.  However, there are some basic things you should know before you start shelling out money.

Choosing the Right Toys to Collect

What kind of toys should you collect?  Where does your passion and interest come from?  Are you a casual collector or a big-time money spender who is willing to go the extra mile and spend the extra cash to get the exact toy that you want at that time?