Minecraft and Lego: The Perfect Fit

| March 18, 2015


I knew it.  I knew I shouldn’t have done it.  “Don’t buy it,” I told myself more than once.  It’s just that it was so enticing.  And I really, really wanted it.  I was like the lady below in the scene from the movie, Napoleon Dynamite…I just kept telling that voice that told me not to buy it…”I want that.”

So, I bought a Minecraft Lego set.

There is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, on this Earth that was made as perfectly for something as Minecraft was for Lego.  Both of them are odd, right-angles and squares, maddening little addiction machines.  They are toy collecting, hobby-loving, geeking out, nervous habit, vast pools of paradise.

The first Minecraft Lego set that I bought was The Village.  It’s pretty awesome once complete and even more better awesome to put it together.  That hooked me.

Then I got The Nether.  I’m now hooked.  There’s nowhere to go from here.  I’m in.

Minecraft is so big right now that a simple web-search will come back with millions of pages.  “Minecraft” and “Lego” came back with more than 30 million pages of results.  Everything from major pages on big stores like Toys R’ Us, Amazon and eBay to game hacks and fan pages.

Here are a few of my recommended buys or gift ideas for Minecraft and/or Lego junkies out there.

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