What Toys Should You Collect?

Okay, you caught the toy bug.  For some reason you just want to collect toys.  That’s cool.  Nothing wrong with it.  Not at all.

Toys come in many different forms:  action figures, vehicles, dolls, doll houses, statues, games and or by brand or franchise.

No one can tell you what toys to collect.  We all have different reasons for wanting to start collecting toys and only you can answer that question.  If you’re obsessed with, say Star Wars, then maybe you want to collect all that you can in the franchise.  Or maybe you just want to collect Star Wars action figures.

All I can do is give you some ideas about the basics.

Toy Collecting Options

Action Figures

These are durable toys that were designed (originally) for kids to play with.  Now, it seems that some action figure manufacturers are trying to appeal to adults as well.  Action figures look nice when displayed in or out of their original packaging.  They have moveable parts and, like books, action figure displays can act like a conversation piece or a nice addition to décor.


These are like statues in that they rarely have moveable parts and often come with a permanent or removable base.  Some are fragile while others are very durable.  They are best displayed out of the box.


Dolls are made to model human beings…even loosely, such as Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.  They can be played with, most have moving parts and life-like features such as hair that can be combed or eyes that can open and close.

Vehicles and Craft

You can go basis, such as collecting cars or boats. You can go more defined, such as collecting certain vehicles from different eras.  An example of this type of collection would be “1960’s Muscle Car Models”.


They have no moving parts and are best when displayed.  The different between statues and figurines is that statues are larger, sometime life-size.  They can be made from fragile or non-fragile materials.

Deciding the Toy Collection for You

Many toy lines and franchises have many of these types of toys amongst them.  For instance, Star Wars toys have action-figures, figurines, statues, vehicles, card games, etc.  It’s best to decide which kind of toy or franchise you want to start collecting and narrow it down as far as possible.


Star Wars: Vehicles: Empire: A New Hope would be one sub-set of a Star Wars collection.  After you have that set then you can move on to another.

Star Wars: Vehicles: Empire: Empire Strikes Back…and so on.

Things to Consider When Making Your Toy Collecting Decision:

  • In or out of packaging?
  • How much storage do you have?  Where are you going to keep all those toys that you collect?
  • Care and Upkeep. (Toys out of boxes need to be dusted if displayed)
  • Money-toy collecting takes up money and time as you buy and search for certain pieces.
  • Enjoyment-If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then it’s not worth collecting.
  • Interest- Are you truly interested or is this just a passing phase?