Why Do People Collect Toys?

why-do-people-collect-toysThere are lots of people why people collect toys.  Some of them have done there whole life.  They have hung onto and protected the toys that they had as a child.  Others decide, on a whim it would seem, to collect toys later in life.

If you still get excited when you walk into a toy store or a comic and hobby shop then you’re probably the kind of person who would be likely to catch the “toy bug”.

Lots of people do it because of nostalgia.  They had fond memories of the toys they played with when they were children, the cartoons they watched, the movies they saw, and the heroes they had.

Other people might collect toys because they have an affinity for a particular type of thing, an animal for instance.  Someone who loves dolphins may seek out every stuffed animal dolphin, figurine, game, etc., that has to do with dolphins.

There are people who have the movie and franchise bug.  Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Trek, all have strong followings of loyal fans that want to collect all the toys within the realm. And so many, many more!

The Appeal for People who Collect Toys

Toys pretty much sell themselves.  They are made to attract the interested buyer, collector and/or person who want to play with them.  Couple that with an emotional attachment then you have all the makings of a hobby that can really become addicting…in a fun way!

Later on, many people will find that old toys, vintage toys, new toys and rare toys actually have value to other people too.  These adult collectors will seek out toys because of their value.  The certain toy coveted by the right person and in the hands of another can be worth as much as diamonds and gold.

That’s when the lines of toys that actually targeted adult collectors came into play!  These high-end, premium toys that are made in limited quantity and awesome detail still play to childhood emotions but they are now in the realm of something greater.  AWESOMENESS!

So, Why Do People Collect Toys?

The answer is really in the person who is doing the collecting.

While collecting is a hobby and very fun to do, there is also that group (larger than you may expect!) that see toy collecting as an investment in a speculative market.  These people will seek out, travel to and buy rare toys and sell them for a profit. Sometimes as a sole source of income or extra money in their pockets.

No matter your reason for collecting toys or starting to collect toys, you can be sure that there will always be a connection between you and your toys.

Remember…toys are fun.  Have fun collecting them!